There are three categories of membership:

  • Ordinary members
  • Corporate members
  • Honoray member



  • Open to individuals who, meeting the requirements for membership, are admitted as members of the CDCI.
  • The membership fee comprises a single registration fee of €50 and an annual membership fee of €125 payable in advance for each year.
  • Ordinary members have full rights to vote in the general meeting, attend all activities and participate in the structures of the CDCI.


  • Open to corporate entities who wish to belong to the CDCI, which meet the requirements and which respect the aims of the CDCI.
  • The basic corporate membership comprises a payment equivalent to three ordinary memberships (registration fee of €150 and annual membership of €375).
  • The corporate member nominates three individuals each year who will have equivalent rights to ordinary members.
  • Optionally, if the corporate member wishes to participate in its own name, it can pay an additional fee of €625 per year to be a sponsor of the CDCI which will give it the right to:

    • invite up to 5 additional people to each CDCI event;
    • appear in the list of sponsors on the CDCI website;
    • describe itself in its promotional material as a CDCI sponsor; and
    • enjoy any other benefits which the management committee offers to sponsors form time to time.


Individuals that due to their prestige or relevant contributions to the CDCI are awarded with such distention